Heat pump thermostat hook up

This setting controls staging for a heat pump.

  1. Goodman Heat Pump Thermostat Wiring?
  2. Heat Pump Thermostat Wiring Chart Diagram;
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  5. Goodman Heat Pump Thermostat Wiring.
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It is possible someone installed your thermostat and did not include staging in the installation settings. You may also want to check the wiring to make sure it is correctly wired. We have several thermostat wiring diagrams here in the thermostat category for to you to browse. Find the heat pump wiring diagram page and check it. What Carrier calls a Thermidistat is actually your thermostat.

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  • Heat Pump Thermostat Wiring Diagram.
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  • Heat Pump Thermostat Wiring.
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  • A thermidistat controls humidity and temperature at the same time. It looks like a thermostat but has additional controls and settings inside to control a humidifier. See the Carrier two-stage heat pump control wiring diagram below. Here is what Honeywell says about this feature:. It takes into account the time and the temperature and compares it to the setpoint. If the system is falling back and losing ground, within a specific time frame as determined by the program, it will energize stage two.

    Carrier Heat Pump Staging | Honeywell Heat Pump Thermostat Troubleshooting

    For heating mode, it will also energize stage 3 or auxiliary heat if you have it installed based on the same parameters. You may be asking what Droopless control is? Because this gets a little complex. Basically, it is a method of controlling staging in the thermostat that is different than older methods. It is a method Honeywell has patented. This takes a smart thermostat to process by the way. The time is how long the system is running in single-stage, temperature swing and the CPH or Cycles per Hour.

    Honeywell Heat Pump Thermostat Troubleshooting | Two-Stage Carrier

    It learns the ability of your system to keep up based on input information it keeps inside the program of the thermostat. This is not something you can change in the thermostat program but rather something the thermostat program learns on its own. Essentially, in the patent, it states:. I would say this is not your problem but the previously mentioned settings and wiring is your problem.

    Those thermostats will give you the option of setting a temperature variance to make the stages kick in. These settings have the following tweaks or options for your thermostat control of the heat pump. For you, I would make sure it is set to option 3 for both and These settings actually apply to recovery ramping of the system meaning when the thermostat has been set-back on the program this feature will allow a more aggressive recovery.

    What is dual fuel? Dual fuel is when your heat pump uses a gas furnace for backup heat rather than electric heat strips for backup heating. Furnace systems troubleshooting or heat pump systems troubleshooting will likely require a professional to check for any problems. The depending on the type of gas furnace system you have will depend on the type of furnace controls.

    This includes limit switches as your friend suggested. A limit switch is designed to turn the heating source off of it exceeds a set limit temperature. The gas furnace controls will also depend on the level of efficiency you have if you have a dual fuel heat pump system. Where higher efficiency gas furnace systems have more complex controls. Again, I doubt your problem is related to any problem with your furnace or furnace controls if you have a dual fuel system. Anything from basic heat pump troubleshooting should be done by a professional. Heat pump troubleshooting requires a thorough knowledge of heat pump components and sequence of operation for various heat pump heating systems.

    I know some of the legacy Honeywell VisionPro thermostats do not have WiFi capabilities so if you have the WiFi version this part will not apply to you. Here are two things to check if you have this temperature sensor hooked up. You can troubleshoot the heat pump for additional problems but I only recommend a professional do this as the condenser unit and air handler unit has high voltage and many moving parts that you likely will not understand.

    As with any heating system whether it is a gas furnace or a heat pump or other type of heat system there are also safety issues which you may not be aware of. With heating systems, there are limit switches, furnace controls and other technical things in the condenser unit and gas furnace or air handler that sometimes need to be checked. And the type of heat pump system troubleshooting or even gas furnace troubleshooting should be checked by a professional who is familiar with these things.

    I hope that helps you solve all your Honeywell thermostat staging issues with your Carrier heat pump. Troubleshooting a thermostat can be a bit complex with the newer types of thermostats and heat pump systems with two-stages. This will, hopefully, help you solve your thermostat problem!

    Honeywell Heat Pump Thermostat Troubleshooting

    The sticker on the unit looks to say "no heat kit". Looks big enough to me for you to have a heat kit in it. Also at the main unit, the brown and black wires are not spliced to anything which would explain the brown and black disconnected at the thermostat unit. Sounds like your all setup.

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    Sounds like you have more of a duct issue. You have a 8 wire bundle wire and need only 6 wires the other 2 wires are spares. As far as the E emergency Auxiliary jumper with the white wire looks correct to me. They even used the correct colors going to terminals. Goodman for the most part uses blue colored wires for the C.

    The white wire goes to your electric heat relay. During normal operation the heat pump is first stage heat through Y , 2nd stage heat is through the AUX. If you feel cooler air from some vents than others may be due to those vents are furthest from the air handler , loosing temperature before they come out of the vents.

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